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Our Programs

Our Programs

Our Barber Programs consist of a detailed curriculum designed to meet all standards of the Barbering profession. Classes consist of both theory and practical application. Students will have hands-on demonstration and instruction to provide the skills necessary to meet the state competencies as well as real life practices.

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Master Barber
(900 hours/36 weeks/9 months)

Our Master Barber program provides a comprehensive education covering all aspects of the barbering profession, including haircutting techniques, grooming services, and client communication. Students learn through a combination of theoretical study and hands-on practice gaining proficiency in classic and contemporary haircut styles, beard trimming, straight razor shave and coloring. The program is offered in flexible modalities for those students that have busy schedules.

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Restricted Barber
(600 hours/24 weeks/ 6 months)

Our Restricted Barber program is a specialized training course tailored to individuals seeking to enter the barbering profession with limited scope or focus. This program is designed to provide essential skills and knowledge in a condensed format, typically covering fundamental haircutting techniques, basic grooming services and foundational theory. Students receive targeted instruction on core aspects of barbering. The program is offered in flexible modalities to fit anyone’s schedule.

Graduation Requirements
AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3 !!
For graduation, a candidate must satisfy the following requirements:

1. Complete all program tests required with 75% or higher

2. Complete all contracted hours based on enrolled program

3. Pass the State Board Exam

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